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Website security for life.

  • Free domain and website transfer.
  • Free SSL hack-proof your site to boost traffic, build confidence to convert and keep your (and clients) info out of the hands of malicious users. Pay only for installation @ R399,00 once off. No yearly renewals or validations.

Our R99.00 per month hosting package (R799 per YEAR – Save 35%) includes Free quick and easy website builder software to create and manage your site like a pro, at any time. And includes 1-hour website design assistance.

Help make the web a safer place ... Get yours now!

In need of more clients more often?

Need services to attract more clients more often to your business?

Do you want to convert them into closed sales directly on your web page?

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Social Combo
Manage social media from 1 platform

Verified Google + Profile

Monetized YouTube Channel for Marketing distribution, Branded URL,

Twitter account, Webmaster tools, Google Analytics Account, My business listing and more…

Manage all your business social platforms, from One!

Available Soon
Video Combo
1 Video & list of 100 R5300.00

Video Productions – Animated.

With a list of a 100 related or your competitors videos to advertise on.

Includes upload to YouTube.

Or 4 Videos &  list of 400 /month @ R21000.00

Available Soon
Message in a Box
More value @ less price

Push technology gets its name from its ability to push information to a user’s desktop instead of waiting for user to make a request.

Your special offer, invitation, product launch, news and more delivered in your branded gift box on the clients monitor.

Available Soon
Message Combo
More value@ less the price

Spam free Bulk Newsletters & Bulk SMS’s

for your business

Available Soon
Back Links
More value@ less the price

A website submission and automated SEO tools service that submit your web pages directly to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. It also finds and fix critical Search Engine Optimization errors that hurts your website search rankings. It gets more qualified traffic to your website by indexing more pages in search results.

It is free when you host with us or buy more advance options, but choosing this option now will mean we do all the work for you.

Available Soon
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Convert your visitors into buying clients, improve your ``cost per ad``.

Have your marketing and sales guys in one team by ensuring you have the basics right. After all – you can’t build success on top of old mistakes!

Transparent webpage performance reports
More value @ less price

This 3rd Party solution provides true figures.

Your own account dashboard, Analytics of your website, keyword, industry and more.

Advance purchase options will also be available soon.

Available Soon
Site Optimization
/ x12 months

We know just how to get you free client referrals from search engines when you comply with their rules.

It also keeps impressing your visitors with a website that loads super fast.

Or R4900.00 once off (Save R740).

Available Soon
Your video message, on your own website & YouTube
Per videoR500.00
/ x12 months

How is that for beating your competition.

Send us your video from your mobile device, taken in front of a solid background and we will:

Take the background out and Stream it to your website for 12 months. Your message could be anything from directing visitors on what to do, to where to go, introducing specials or your business uniqueness. And it will be uploaded to YouTube. (Have your own YouTube Channel with lots of social media benefits with our Social Combo – center column up top.)

R5500 Once off per video per year (Save R500).

Available Soon
Auto Recurring Billing
Single business licenseR550.00
/ x12 months

Save time and money by having your automated online system send your client invoices every month on time, itself.

  • Clients login online from any device into their own account, without disturbing your office.
  • Even 1000 invoices emailed on a scheduled day. Only setup a clients’ account once.
  • Your branding and logo’s.
  • For any kind of business big or small.
  • Automated correspondence with your clients.
  • Automated arrear notifications and regular reminders.
  • Receipts are emailed, clients know when invoices are paid— or not!
  • Recording email communications directly into client’s online file.
  • Further development, training & support available.

Boost your staff productivity and clients smiles!

Or R6050 once of per year.

Licenses for Multi brand and Multi branch are also available.

Available Soon

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Our Support Channels and Fees

The below table is applicable no matter what type of support is needed by clients, as support is billed by the time period to resolve matter.

Normal hours – Per incident

Up to 15 min – R49.00
Up to 30 min – R150.00
Up to 60 min – R250.00

Call-out fees

After hours fees will be applicable and payable in advance. This fee will also include traveling time. If a longer period of time was spend then originally invoiced to the client, the invoice will be adjusted afterwards.

Support methods - Office hours

WhatsApp (073 652 7925), Skype (living.technologies), Team Viewer (For desktop and mobile support).

Online support ticket system only via email (, according to the queue.

After hours – Per incident

Up to 15 min – R100.00
Up to 30 min – R300.00
Up to 60 min – R500.00

Support fees

Clients must have available credit in their account upfront. Funds can be added credit card. All new clients from 1 November 2016, must make use of credit card facilities (our PayFast system) to pay for services on accounts as well.

Support methods - After hours/Public holidays

Online support ticket system only via email (, according to the queue.