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Website security for life.

  • Free domain and website transfer.
  • Free SSL hack-proof your site to boost traffic, build confidence to convert and keep your (and clients) info out of the hands of malicious users. Pay only for installation @ R399,00 once off. No yearly renewals or validations.

Our R99.00 per month hosting package (R799 per YEAR – Save 35%) includes Free quick and easy website builder software to create and manage your site like a pro, at any time. And includes 1-hour website design assistance.

Help make the web a safer place ... Get yours now!
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Website in few minutes.

Quickly and easily create and maintain your website with drag and drop technology. Create it at your own pace and maintain it, when you need to.

Build yours in a day!

Our uniqeness in providing hosting necessities

You can not deny these hot and currently most popular services because our goal is that it should be to your benefit.

Secure your site before it's hacked
Once off

Your website got hacked we can fix it and secure it for good. Leave your details with to contact you. Free transfer to us.

Your site and business on the ground due to hackers, destroying, defacing and shutting you down? Did you know that over 30,000 websites are hacked every single day in SA of which most is small businesses?

Don’t wait until you get hacked, let us secure it now. For securing a clean site @ R899.00, but should bad code or malware be found , you will first be quoted on removing it.

If you already got hacked please leave your details for us to see how we can assist and fix it for good!

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All hosting plans of Living Technologies offer free SSL certificates, domain registration, WordPress, Joomla and many more apps installers. Tell us what you are looking for.

In all our hosting plans, you will find:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain registration
  • Free +-350 Apps installers: WordPress, Joomla, shopping carts, Content Relation managers, Learning management systems and much more.

Living Technologies includes in all hosting plans free SSL certificate, registration, WordPress, Joomla and many more APPs installers. Doing is easy, learning is fun.

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Our Core Features

All our hosting packages includes these core features

Control Panel

Have access to your cPanel to enjoy all the benefits.

Single domain SSL certificate

All websites hosted with us are protected with a single domain SSL certificate on the main domain.

Support Center

Should you not prefer submitting a support ticket, feel free to Skype or email us. We now also provide desktop support.

24/7 Backups, Anti-spam, Antivirus and Firewall

We are watching over our clients with 24/7  Backups, Anti-spam, Antivirus and firewall protection.

Free domain

Register your free domain or  transfer your current domain to our registry for free.

Web Mail Services

Have full functionality with your emails directly from the server to send and receive without downloading it.

Attracta SEO

Attracta search engine optimization tools are freely available to all hosting clients.

+350 APPS to choose from

What ever APPS Installer you need be sure to find one among the +350 currently available.

What would you like to get done today?

We don’t brag with achievements, badges or partners. We brag with Web Hosting Solutions for our clients problems .

Website Solutions you can Trust

Web Hosting Solutions you can Trust

Tired of slow loading websites and ever ongoing optimization that never ends?

Your website will be hosted on lightning fast SSD servers and to make it a high-performance website, speeding it up for any device, browser or computer. You will enjoy unbeatable security with our strong SSL encryption, firewalls and antivirus that is standard with our hosting. We store daily backups on separate secure servers for easy recovery in the event of failures. And we support you and your business on both desktop and website issues.

All of our hosting packages includes unbeatable value:

  • Free SSL secure certificates
  • Website builder with 350+ templates
  • Cloudlinux deliver stability and security
  • CDN Backup in the event your website fail
  • ConfigServ firewall keep uninvited guests at bay
  • Maldet & Mailscanners to stop spam
  • WordPress/Joomla easy app installer
  • Attracta Search Engine Optimization
  • +350 App installers from LMS to Cloud
  • Full technical desktop and remote support
  • Pay for 12 months and get 1 month for free!
  • Start small, upgrade as your website grows.
We've got big ideas for domain names

Online success is easy with a great domain name that works for you

We’ve got big ideas for domain names. Get the domain name that is as unique as you are. With our experts guiding you to use all the secrets of domain names, you will be able to be one step ahead of your competition. Living Technologies ICT is an accredited domain registrar with ZACR. We provide all and every extension available on the internet from to .website. We strive to protect the domains of our customers and their ownership of domains. This is more than you can expect from any other registrar. We are able to assist you in domain name disputes and setup proper legal documentation for a dispute.

  • We safeguard your domain name
  • Your domain is registered in your name
  • Your domain, your brand
  • Tld’s local and international
  • Access to a wealth of secrets regarding domains
  • DNS Control
  • Private nameservers
  • Automatic renewal reminders
  • Auto renewals on and off
  • Free domain name transfers for za domains
  • Low cost to register / renew a domain

Living Technologies - ZACR Accredited Registrar

Website Solutions that you can Trust


Experienced server administration

Having speed, space and bandwidth today is critical to any size business. Google, Yahoo and all the search engines will not refer a visitor to you if your site is sloooow. Having your own server means no sharing of resources, shared hosting or someone else that’s overusing resources, making you go down. You can add your own security, utilize your own space and data. Managed servers give you full performance and flexibility without the need for extensive in-house technical expertise.

Size and speed matters so we have Managed VPS servers of 200GB , 600GB, 1TB and 2TB available, starting from as low as R995.00 per month.

The following is included:

      • Softaculous Script Installer
      • 2x Free dedicated IP’s
      • SSL for cPanel server
      • SSL auto client installer
      • Full root/ssh access
      • Mod_Blacklist
      • Mod_AntiSpam
      • Mod PageSpeed
      • Attracta SEO
      • ConfigServ Firewall
      • Root / SSH access
      • WHM/cPanel
      • CloudLinux
      • Centos 7
      • PHP 5.4 + 5.6 + 7

Perfect for:

      • Resellers / ISP’s
      • Web Developers
      • Online applications
      • High traffic websites
      • Entrepreneurs
      • E-Commerce websites
      • WordPress / Joomla websites
Secure your website with SSL

SSL Certification means more money for you.

I will protect your website and data from harm by securing your website with the same level of security of that of a bank. You get an deserved advantage over competitors when your website got an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates have two primary functions:

  1. To authenticate your identity for visitors that visit your we
  2. To “encrypt” – or protect – private information that’s exchanged on your site, such as credit card numbers or customer account information.
  • Get the same encryption protection used by companies & banks
  • An SSL certificate allows visitors to communicate with your websites over secure connections—for example, to submit credit card payment information. We recommend that each SSL-secured website have a certificate that secures all of the website’s domains.
  • It can be installed right from your cPanel and the cPanel single domain SSL Certificates cost of a mere R250.00 per year, including installation service for your main domain or for a sub domain.
  •  It’s ideal for securing low-volume e-commerce websites.
  • InstantSSL is an affordable professional-level certificate. It verifies the company behind the website as well as domain name and carries a $50,000 warranty. This full business-validated certificate provides improved credibility and consumer trust. Each InstantSSL Certificate comes with a FREE Corner of TrustLogo.
  •  Recommended for established businesses of any size who require the highest level of customer assurance in order to stay competitive and garner the highest amount of customer trust.

Creating your own website was never easier than using our website builder

Design your dream website with over 350 pre-designed templates. Change, update or even replace your template any time you want to make your customers come back for more.

Tired of website designers not doing it the way you want or never get the design done? Start designing yours quickly and professionally with our tools.

No skills and no coding experience required. Create your design and make changes at any time afterwards – with many templates categorized divided into industries with related images – just insert your business info, save & publish.

The quick and easy drag & drop technology design allows:

  • Text, images and gallery
  • Search engine optimization
  • Links and maps
  • YouTube video
  • Social media
  • E-Commerce shops
  • Insert favicon
  • AdSense
  • HTML, flash
  • Skype, music and banners
  • Compatible with cPanel, WHMCS and ATTRACTA supported

And way much more to mention here.
Go try it out for free now

Living Technologies Automated Billing make multi tasking a breeze
Living Technologies Automated Billing make multi tasking a breeze

Automated recurring billing

Is invoicing your clients a nightmare? If your staff doesn’t get through the day (or through the days work) and does not remember who promised what and complaint when this is your all in one solution to manage your money and your clients.

  • Clients login online from any device into their own account, without disturbing your office.
  • Even 1000 invoices can be send out on the scheduled day of the month. And next month the same thing will happen even if you forget, because you only setup per clients account once.
  • Off course its all your branding and logo’s.
  • For any kind of business big or small.
  • Managing automated correspondence with your clients.
  • Automated unpaid invoice notifications and regular reminders.
  • Receipts are emailed, clients know when invoices are paid— or not!
  • Recording email communications directly into client’s online file.
  • Further development, training & support available.

Boost your staff productivity and clients smiles!

Our support is superior to our clients
Our support is superior to our clients

Never wait for support

Are you stuck on your computer with e-mails problems, viruses, software, hardware or with your website or server? Even hacked websites or failing servers. Let our professional support team make your problems go away faster than the problem arises. Watch while we login remotely, with your permission of course, and fix it at a flat hourly rate. Or simply let us analyze the situation and quote you. We are here to support You.

  • Instant access to support engineers 24/7
  • Average ticket response under 15 minutes
  • Help boost your security
  • Expert performance tips
  • Need anything else? We’ll help you.
  • Starting at R49 per incident to R250 per 30 minutes
  • No nonsense support that you can trust
  • Support ticket help = 24/7
  • Telephone support = 9h00-16h00 & 19h00-21h00
  • Skype support: living.technologies
  • Teamviewer support
  • Chat support
  • Real Time notification support
  • Full reporting.

Website Hosting Solutions you can Trust

Getting creative with Living Technologies Web Design experts
Getting creative with Living Technologies Web Design experts

Website that work for you

Do you have a website that just don’t work for you at all? No referrals, few people finding and contacting you, no sales or conversions from your website! Is your website an expense and not an income? Then it is time that we meet and change that with you. We will teach you some basic skills and we will gather information from you to develop a website that can work for you 24/7.

Our websites are mostly based on landing page concepts. Why? Because every product or service that you sell or offer is unique and should not be cluttered with information that is irrelevant from what goal you want to reach.

We develop websites to:

  • Convert visitors into customers
  • Distribute and advertise your business
  • Integrate with your marketing efforts
  • Integrate with youtube and Google
  • Running video adverts land on the website that you advertise
  • To not confuse your visitors
  • Consist of trust indicators
  • Call to action buttons
  • Provide a way for your customers to pay you

Website Hosting that you can Trust

  • Skype support: living.technologies
  • Teamviewer support
  • Chat support
  • Real Time notification support
  • Full reporting.

Web Hosting Solutions you can Trust

Need help and don't know where to start?

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