Our Strategy

To provide services to you at the best price with superior support, assisting you in solving any issue that you have and provide you with tools to make you succeed.


We have access to the best technology that we provide. Our technology is state of the art and it is all to your disposal.

Our Solution

Our experience in technology and years of providing solutions to our customers we know what solutions will fit your request best.

The 7 Principles of Web Design

Top reasons why to choose us

We are passionate

We are passionate about our business. It is our way of life, it is what we are, what we breathe and what we have become. It is not just another job.

We provide high levels of support

We provide support on the time you need it when you need it most. We provide solutions faster than they appear, that is what make us great to have us on your side.

Lots of self help

We have lots of tutorials on how to get your website up and running in our knowledge base and if that is not enough we will help.

We listen to what you need

What make us what we are is the requests and feedback from you. It challenges every brain cell to outperform any other business.

Quality of service

We focus on quality of service at the right price. We deliver only the best available with a no nonsense attitude.

We do not oversell

We do not oversell our web hosting services and make you suffer the consequences because of greed and manipulation. You get what we promise.

Our Team

Who are the people driving Living Technologies ICT

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