The most powerful money management system – With communications recording.

There is no sense spending time each month re-billing customers the same amount. The amount of time you can save by automating billing is tremendous. In addition to time-savings, the insight into historical and projected revenues that comes with recurring billing software will help keep tabs on your business growth and revenue forecast at all times.

For any kind of business big or small.

Improve your cash flow and client management all in one system from only R450 per month from Living Technologies

Automating recurring billing is an absolute must if you have a subscription type service or product, like rentals, school fees, consultants, Internet Service Provider, Web Host Provider, contractual laundry, domestic and catering businesses and many more.

It also caters for businesses that provide quotes and after acceptance, the invoice is issued to the client. With our recurring billing software, quote acceptance can be done online and the system will automatically issue the invoice to the client.

Our online system is any mobile device friendly and fully automatic and does 98% of all billing duties by itself. Boosting your staff productivity and moral to complete tasks that never gets done, as overdue clients are automatically reminded twice or more a month on dates of your choice. Now, debt can become less and cash flow can improve a great deal.

Choose the perfect automation to suite your business.

Multi Brand Billing Bundle
Monthly only

Head Office to several brand managers. Centralize the management of your clients using different brands on multiple websites while using just a single billing system.

Monthly amount includes software license and hosting with a free domain registration & free SSL certificate.

Installation & Configuration @ R4500  once off.

Training @ R1500 x1 Person for 2 days.

Accounts Support @ R49 per incident.

System Support Per Quote or Invoice.

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Resellers Billing Bundle
R3299 +
R499 p/branch p/m

Re-sellers will be permitted to offer your products with their own brand as well as create end-customers and assign products, services and domains to them. End-clients will be able to log in to their own  accounts to manage their services, pay invoices, create tickets and  more. System cost of only R3200 p/year, plus R499 for each branch.

Monthly amount includes software license and hosting with a free domain registration & free SSL certificate.

Installation & Configuration @ R4500  once off.

Training @ R1500 x1 Person of each branch for 2 days.

Accounts Support @ R49 per incident.

System Support Per Quote or invoice.

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What it can do for your business

  • Customize your documentation.
  • Client registration online,
  •  opens the clients online account, and
  • auto subscribe to newsletter,
  • according to client group,
  • and allocate product/service to invoice on registration.
  • Welcome email send to all new registrations.
Build better trust relations and cash flow with billing automation from Living Technologies
·         Emails professional looking invoices,

·         To all clients at once with your branding / logo.

·         Automated notifications to clients about unpaid invoices according to your time schedule and procedures

·         Receipts are auto emailed immediately on payment update, this informs clients when invoices are paid— or not!

Automated pre-designed email templates correspond with clients for each action according to the order and billing process for e.g, unpaid credit card transaction or support ticket submitted.

Recurring billing system from Living Technologies
·         Login online from any mobile device.

·         All email client correspondence (support tickets) is recorded,

·         directly to the clients online file.

Clients know when their support request has been answered and can read it immediately and respond if needed.

Clients can log into your billing system by Living Technologies, from any mobile device
·         Document downloads

·         Bulk quick message emails

·         Staff notice board

·         Staff permission settings

·         Bulk newsletters

·         Bulk SMS’s

·         Customizable by industry

·         Dashboard: to do list, clients that logged in, cash received today, this month amounts, tickets replied, arrear amounts.

·         Calendar

Further development, training & support available.

Getting creative with Living Technologies Web Design experts
·         Ageing invoices

·         Annual income report

·         Income forecast

·         Income by product

·         Monthly transactions

·         New customers

·         List of clients with chosen details

·         Client statements

·         Top 10 clients by income

·         Customer retention time.

The recurring billing system from Living technologies provide recorded communications and reporting



Professional looking invoices.
Send your clients high quality professional looking invoices. PDF versions are attached to every invoice related email sends, including new invoice notifications, and payment reminder notices, so your clients don’t even need to visit your site to view their bills. Plus invoices are fully customized with templates.

Tax Support allows for both inclusive and exclusive taxing, up to 2 levels, taxation enabled per product, and tax exempt statuses.

One Off & Recurring options mean you can perform both regular billing, payment plans and one off custom invoicing for bespoke services.

Credits System allows your clients to deposit funds to pre-fund their accounts with you, and automatically keeps track of and applies any over payments to future invoices.

Late Fees rules can be setup to automatically apply extra fees to invoices if clients don’t pay their invoices on time.

Multiple Currencies allow you to invoice & bill your customers in as many different currencies as you want, all at the same time.

Quotes/Estimates can be created and sent to potential clients, and then converted to invoices at the click of a button if accepted.

Integrated with over 75 different payment gateways as standard, you can pick the gateway(s) that work best for you. Supporting multiple gateways used concurrently, and integrated for fully automated payment processing, payment confirmations & refunds, taking payments is now easier than ever.

Automated Reminders can be setup to notify your clients about unpaid invoices and overdue balances and warn about service suspension.

Support Ticket Billing lets you bill your clients for time or work arranged in tickets automatically when replying to a ticket without needing to perform a separate process.

Automated Creation of services is possible as soon as an order is placed, on receipt of payment or only after manual review – you choose.

Automated Suspension can be performed when accounts become overdue, with auto reactivation as soon as the overdue bills are paid.

Password Changes can be done right from within the software and passed out to the various integrated control panels.

Gateway Vault Storage allows you to store credit cards either locally, securely encrypted in the database, or off site with your gateway provider (if available).

Invoice Generation occurs automatically each day however many days in advance of renewal payments being due that you decide.

Reminders are sent both before invoice due dates, as well as after in the form of overdue notices chasing up late payments automatically.

Automated Upgrades make it easy for users to upgrade their services, with automatic orders and upgrading of the actual service.

Automated Termination can be set to remove user accounts should they become delinquent for a specified amount of time.

Additional Management functionality is available on a per module basis for actions specifically suited to that functionality.

Credit Card Processing is done automatically when cards are held on file, with payments auto captured on invoice due dates.

Automatic Payment Processing is also performed for third party gateways such as PayPal with the software being notified and marking invoices paid as soon as payments occur.

Automatic invoicing, payment processing, transactions logging, payment reminders and cancellations/refunds to make managing mass scale billing of clients a breeze.

 Products can be setup for Hosting, VPS, Servers, Cloud, SSL, & anything else you can think of…

Addons can also be offered to allow users to buy extras, both initially and later on for their products.

Welcome Emails can be setup on a per product/addon basis to give clients all the information they need to get started with purchases automatically.

Built-in Shopping Cart allows your clients to place orders with you for products, domains & addons.

Product Bundles allow you to group your products and offer streamlined order processes and specific combination discounts.

Stock Management lets you offer stock limited products, tracking orders and automatically suspending new orders once stock is used.

Configurable Options let you offer products that can be customized when ordering, and offer a range of choices to choose from.

Custom Fields allow you to collect any extra information you need for the various products & services you offer.

Prorata Billing allows you to prorata initial payments to keep all customers due on a common due date.

Integrated Fraud Checking gives you peace of mind with both fraud risk scoring & automated phone call verification if desired.

Promotions allow you to offer signup incentives from the simple to complex, one off/recurring/requirements/etc…

Payment Processing is handled as part of checkout, either capturing from a credit card or forwarding to an off-site payment gateway to reduce abandoned checkouts.

Web Based Administration area means that you can logon and manage your billing & inquiries from anywhere in the world.

Dedicated iPhone & Android Apps are available for both major phone platforms to make accessing & using the software while mobile even easier.

Automatic Registration & Transfers can submit all the clients domain order data to a domain registrar of your choice.

Name servers Management allows your clients to view and update where their domain points right from your own client area.

Real-Time Domain Availability Checking checks for domain availability against WHOIS services before allowing orders to be placed.

EPP Code Retrieval can be done on demand giving you no hassles should clients want to leave your service.

Domain Locking can be turned on/off to protect domains from transfers away.

Domain Syncing automatically keeps domains in your WHMCS system in sync with the domain registrars for status & expiry dates.

WHOIS Information can also be reviewed and updated with supported registrars.

Automatic Renewals can be enabled/disabled by clients to set if they want to renew their domains.

Announcements is a blog like news system allowing you to post your latest news & updates on your website.

Social Integration with both twitter & facebook allows users to recommend and comment on your announcements.

Knowledge base allows you to provide answers to common questions and topics and reduce your support load.

Support Ticket System for tracking all client communication and allowing multiple staff to view/respond.

Escalation Rules allow you to keep on top of tickets, with auto respondents and admin notifications when tickets are waiting too long.

Network Status tool gives you a dedicated page for notifying clients of both current & scheduled maintenance/issues on your network.

Downloads System allows you to make files available, with support for client only restricted access, and tracking of downloads.

Support Departments allow you to route tickets to the appropriate staff with staff assignments per department.

Pre-Sales Contact Form that gives you a quick and simple way to have potential clients get in touch with you.

Email Piping allows you to automatically route all incoming emails into the ticket desk supporting both new emails & replies.

Attachments are supported by the ticket system to allow receiving of files from clients.

Transactions logging tracks every payment received and allows you to see exactly how much you’ve taken today/this month/this year

Batch Invoices lets you generate and download a batch of PDF invoices for printing and mailing to customers.

Graphs let you interpret stats and data easily with things such as orders, income & ticket ratings.

Pie Graphs allow you to compare large data sets easily, such as statuses.

Printable Versions of all reports mean you can print your reports if you prefer paper copies or need to take them with you.

Income Forecasts are generated to predict what you are on track to make based on current active products/services.

Exports allow you to download lists of clients, products, etc… in CSV Formats for use in other applications

Detailed Logs are kept of every action performed by the system, staff and/or clients to allow reviewing past history/events.

Template Client Area allows you to fully customize by adding, editing or removing anything clients can see.

8 Order Form Templates are included by default offering various different styles to choose from, and you can of course create your own.

Integrateable Widgets for adding client login forms, domain lookup, product/pricing information and more on your site.

Multiple Languages with 10 translations included by default give you a truly worldwide friendly client area and order system.

CSS Styling makes it easy to customize and integrate the software with your existing site colors & style.

Advanced Linking options allow you to link direct to the software specifying products, domain lookup’s, bundles, language, currency & more…


Fix your cash flow, while you get paid on time.

There are a lots more options available for small businesses, franchisees (one brand many branches), and group of companies (one head office with multiple brands).

Please tell us what you need, we can help for sure!


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