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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a file that you upload via FTP to your website. We use it to validate that you are the owner of that website. Once the validation are completed, you will receive an email from us. You can now login to your account with us, under products, choose FREE SSL, and copy and paste the codes into your web server install certificate path and save it. Your domain will now be secured. We are always there to assist you with the installation.

SSL Certificates from Living TechnologiesSSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It might sound complex, but it’s really not. SSL Certificates validate your website’s identity, and encrypt the information visitors send to, or receive from, your site. This keeps thieves from spying on any exchange between you and your shoppers.

When you have an SSL Certificate protecting your website, your customers can rest assured that the information they enter on any secured page is private and can’t be viewed by cyber crooks.

No, you cannot. You need to purchase a new certificate.

There are different certificates available with Living Technologies starting with cPanel issued SSL and Comodo SSL. There are different levels of encryption, hence it is better to first talk to one of our experts. Basically, the only real measure of strong encryption is the amount of traffic you receive and the level of protection you need. The biggest and most expensive certificate is not always the best to have.

SSL Certificates from Living TechnologiesLiving Technologies SSL Certificates inspire trust and show visitors that you value their privacy. An SSL Certificate protects your customers’ sensitive information such as their name, address, password, or credit card number by encrypting the data during transmission from their computer to your web server. SSL is the standard for web security, and a Server Certificate is required by most merchant account services – you’ll need one if you plan to accept credit cards on your website.

How will customers know if my site is secured?How you build your website is entirely up to you. In fact, most basic secure websites can be hand-coded using HTML.

When a visitor enters an SSL-protected page on your website, their browser bar displays a padlock icon and the https:// prefix in the URL address. While most Internet users know to look for those SSL indicators, you can also add a site seal to your website to show visitors your site is verified and secured. Visitors can click the seal to view your certificate’s status and details, seeing for themselves that it’s safe to send sensitive information to your website. Websites protected by Comodo SSL display a green browser bar as well, giving users the green light.

Standard SSLs (DV) usually take 5 minutes or less. Deluxe SSLs (OV) take 3-5 business days, as we’re validating not just domain ownership but also the existence of the organization or business on the SSL application. In both cases, you can shorten your wait by making sure the domain contact information listed in the WhoIs is up-to-date.

For Premium (EV) certificates, there is an extensive vetting process that starts with an in-depth application. Before you start, pull together details about your business, such as registration number, incorporation or registration agent and any relevant jurisdiction information.

FREE SSL is usually within one hour.

Depending on how your website is configured, you might want to use something other than a single-domain SSL certificate.

  • FREE SSL can be added to as many websites you want to secure, including sub-domains, addon domains and so forth. It is not necessary for a wildcard certificate and is also good for servers.
  • Wildcard SSLs cover all of a domain name’s subdomains. For example, you can secure *.coolexample.com, which would cover shop.coolexample.com, www.coolexample.com and any other subdomains.
  • UCC SSLs can cover multiple subdomains, unique domain names and websites. For example, you can secure www.coolexample.com, mail.coolexample.com and www.awesomeexample.com.

Just contact us by telephone: 012 753 2806 or 0736527925.

You can submit a support request to here if you already have registered or you can use our chat function on our website or by skype: living.technologies.

Our office hours are at the footer of our website.

Host with us @ R999 per year

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From 10 Jan 2017 all websites without SSL will be marked “Not Secured” by Google, Chrome, Apple …

  • SSL hack-proof your site to boost traffic, build confidence to convert sales and keep your (and clients) info out of the hands of malicious users.
  • Enough hosting space with emails including SSL certificate and installing.
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What is included with an SSL certificate?

Check out these great features that come with every SSL offer.

Site Seal

SSL Certificate site sealThe site seal is a graphic representation of your protection and serves as a visual reminder to customers that your site is safe and protected. Most web users know to look for a site seal – it’s also the main reason people buy SSLs – so it’s important to have one.

Browser Ubiquity

Browser Ubiquity with Living Technologies SSL CertificatesWe handpick our SSL certificates to ensure strong browser ubiquity. Our certificates are supported by all the popular browsers, which means that whichever one you use will recognize our SSL verification, keeping the browsing experience smooth and hassle-free.

Secure All Versions Of Your Site

SSL Certificates from Living TechnologiesOur SSL certificates secure both www. and non-www. versions of your site – no need to buy a separate certificate. With our routing you can also prevent man in the middle attacks. (MITM)

Top Tier Support

Top-Tier Support with SSL CertificatesWe’re known for providing the industry’s finest customer service. That’s due to our support team. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable, Living Technologies support maniacs are some of the most polite, helpful people in the business. And they’re available to answer your questions and offer advice.

Encryption Level

Encryption levels with SSL CertificatesSecurity is determined by the number of bits used to generate the encryption key, which is then used to encrypt the data. Most of our SSL certificates use either 256-bit or 128-bit encryption, depending on the capabilities of web browser and server. Both 256- and 128-bit are industry standard for data protection.


SSL Certificates from Living TechnologiesDo business confidently. Liability insurance protects you and your customers if your SSL certificate is issued or used incorrectly – for an amount of up to $1,750,000 by an issuing authority.

Looking for a good reason to secure your site?

Cyber attacks on websites of every size are on the rise, and they show no sign of of stopping their relentless efforts. Every online website who values customer trust and a thriving business, must consider adding an SSL certificate.

Show you care

When online customers feel secure, they are likely to purchase or personalize their profile and return to your website. Establish your customers trust and win their business.

Boost web traffic

SSL protection reassures visitors that your site is safe, leading to greater customer trust and increased reliability for your business & brand. Google favors HTTPS-encrypted websites and will push you higher in search results.

Trust converts into sales

Make potential customers & visitors trust your website from the start. A secured website is a visual proof that you take security of your clients seriously, converting more visitors into loyal customers.

More SSL Certificate options

An SSL certificate allows visitors to communicate with your websites over secure connections—for example, to submit credit card payment information. We recommend that each SSL-secured website has a certificate that secures all of the website’s domains.

You can start off with the cheapest one or go straight to the right type to support your business completely.

cPanel single domain SSL

Instantly install your DV single domain SSL certificates from your hosting account with us. You can choose between cPanel issued or comodo issued. If you want to use our expertise to install it for you quickly and easily, then order it right here. We will acquire and install it for you within one day.

Comodo PositiveSSL
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Comodo PositiveSSL

PositiveSSL is one of the most popular and inexpensive in its class SSL certificates in the industry. This hassle-free certificate is the ideal choice for websites where the brand’s trust is already established and organization verification is not needed. It’s ideal for securing low-volume e-commerce websites.

Comodo Instant SSL PRO
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InstantSSL Pro

Great news for e-commerce websites. With InstantSSL Pro. Comodo not only validates domain name, it also verifies the company behind the online business. This value-priced, business-validated certificate carries a $100,000 warranty. InstantSSL Pro comes with a FREE Corner of TrustLogo.

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Ultimate guardian for your computer

Avast Premier cost a little more than the free version, but is worth the price to pay for the full advanced security, keeping your PCs and network safe from those prying eyes. I will recommend Avast before any other antivirus product and uses Avast antivirus on our business and personal computers, phones and tablets and never had issues.

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