Ways in which we support you

We have tried to include most options for you to communicate with us for support and we love supporting our clients.

Superior Support

Email & Support ticket

CURRENT CLIENTS: For any kind of request, an email to is always welcome as such an email will automatically be placed on your file as a support ticket, as you are a registered client.


Clients with short general and long time consuming conversations.

At the bottom of the page is a link to download Skype, Add us as a contact wity our Skype name: livingtech.technologies. You will find that a lot of people you know already use it.

Talk to you soon

Chat from our website

NON CLIENTS: Please ask us anything you wonder about, from our live chat on our website. Thank you.

Remote Desktop

For current & non clients: Remote login will be done on clients provided user & password to perform desktop support requests, like emails, virus scanning, software uploads and more.

Our Team

We take support personally, that is why we know all our clients and our clients can call us by the name, like friends does.